Wednesday, July 28, 2010


There are more event giveaways! This time from MMOHut there is a generated code that you can use to receive strength potions, soul crystals, health regan potions, soul regan potions, boost potions, and a Red Bear suit (costume). There is another code giveaway at MMOSite which gives out the same consumables, but a different costume (Swimsuit for Musk) and SpawnPoint is also giving out codes as well, which also gives out the same consumables, but a Cockatrice Costume.

Another code giveaway can be found at MMOgames to receive the same consumables and a wiz swimsuit!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Log 9: EDC

Yesterday the family debated over the MM on whether or not to buy this EDC for Riona (musk). After awhile of inner conflict the family finally bought our first 92e armor! Now we've become poor and will need to save up vis again. : (

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Le Blanc

Today the family just found out that there is a promo code StayAnonymous that could be used to receive a free Le Blanc costume! :D

Log into the Gamersfirst website and click on redeem button. Then click the CODE button and enter StayAnonymous in the blank code box. After that, log into the Sword 2 game, click the treasure chest icon (or called the bazzar icon), and click on Receive Premium Item. Finally, your Le Blanc costume should be resting in your inventory! Get your Le Blanc costume before this promo ends! (If the costume does not show up try relogging)