Sunday, November 27, 2011

Log 23: The Detective

While taking a stroll in Skele Dungeon, our family's own detective leveled up to 100. The Edengar family plans to eventually finish the MMA quest in order to obtain the quest for Crazy Emilia. Hopefully one of our MA will be able to reach Master in the future. We are currently unsure of who to level to Master first since our family only have three main experts (Musk, Fig, Sco).

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Log 22: Third Expert

Apollo (sco) became the family's third expert. We went to the Masters to hand over shiny crystals and an expert scroll. Finally at long last, we have a set of experts! Now onwards to get a set of Masters...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Log 21: Relaxation

The Edengar family finally received a yellow rough stone after bounty hunting with a friend. It was quite a surprise when we found this ore in our inventory.

After finishing the Bounty Hunt, we went to relax with our friends in Simon's chamber.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Log 20: Land of the Dead

Our family decided to adventure with our other clanmates in the Land of the Dead in search of Kurt and Eduardo. The Edengar family used quite a bit of mysterious powder that day just by going back and forth from Kurt and farming Pure Otites!

We found Montoro near some hut while using the invisible pots that we had received from Kurt. He had his monologue and was then eliminated by our family. After finishing all the LoD quest, our family decided to take in Eduardo first instead of Kurt because of the destiny buff's potential use. We'll probably try to obtain Kurt by buying him as a mercenary once we have enough vis!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Log 19: Hunting Time

A few weeks ago our family tried out the Bounty Hunts inside the guild. We went with our dear friend who hadn't logged-in in awhile, the Animitra family, to the Porto Bello mission. Both of our family fought our way to fight the Accursed Escudo Pecher that leered at us in the last room. As a result, our family received a token and a box of shiny crystals, which wasn't too bad.

After that, the Edengar family went with some of our clanmates to the Accursed Skeleton Dungeon. There were many waves of skeles that tried to mob us, but our group eventually faced Boneless and received some 84es as our prize... :(

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Log 18: Second Expert

A few days ago, Sword 2 updated to 5.0 (such a ninja patch) and took us by surprise. We would've stocked up on a few more bellems and finished other tasks if we had been notified of when it would go live. Alas... it was time to say goodbye to the bellem boxes. T_T

However, the Edengar family promoted Fionia (fig) to expert a few days ago right before the patch and she is our second expert! The family noticed that the mobs in Baha had beefed up and took longer to kill, which makes it harder to solo level. : (

The Errac questline was completed and we welcomed Helena to our family excitedly since we had always wanted to recruit her someday. The expert stance quests were out of our reach alone, but thanks to the Karmatan family, we were able to complete it smoothly. Thank you very much Karm! <3 Now to save up some vis for some symbols...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Costume: Dentelle Rose

Drew this and finished just yesterday for the costume design contest over here!

Dentelle Rose for musk (Click for larger view~) :D

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Log 17: Viki

Finally, at long last... our family obtained VIKI!! I can't believe this took longer than the Catherine and Clarie quest. :(
A blue rough stone also dropped from the Violent Gecho at least! That day seemed to be our lucky day with both the Mahmud and rough stone drop.

The Holiday patch has ended for a few weeks already and here's a picture of the last day of the event with our family celebrating with a snowman.