Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Log 16: Arsene Train

While talking to Ania in Errac, the family finally decided to go on with Ania's quest. Riona (left) and Apollo (right) plot's Arsene's demise while restocking in Auch.

The family's lineup consisted of Riona (musk Expert 1), Apollo (sco Vet 7), and Grace (Vet 1) with 84e armors for Grace and Apollo while Riona used a 92e Dragon Coat.

Right after the family was teleported to meet Louise Arsene, they ran towards the back end of the room and away from where Arsene was going to spawn. This allowed only few mobs to rush at our family while Ania and Nar followed us out of the room. After defeating the mobs, Riona lured Arsene out of his room and down the hall to prevent Arsene's summons of Frost, Emily, and Celine from attacking them. Then Ania and Nar were used as meat shields for Arsene's wrath. :D

Finally, our group defeated Arsene using the train method and he muttered his last words.

Our team as a long train! : )

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