Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Log 18: Second Expert

A few days ago, Sword 2 updated to 5.0 (such a ninja patch) and took us by surprise. We would've stocked up on a few more bellems and finished other tasks if we had been notified of when it would go live. Alas... it was time to say goodbye to the bellem boxes. T_T

However, the Edengar family promoted Fionia (fig) to expert a few days ago right before the patch and she is our second expert! The family noticed that the mobs in Baha had beefed up and took longer to kill, which makes it harder to solo level. : (

The Errac questline was completed and we welcomed Helena to our family excitedly since we had always wanted to recruit her someday. The expert stance quests were out of our reach alone, but thanks to the Karmatan family, we were able to complete it smoothly. Thank you very much Karm! <3 Now to save up some vis for some symbols...

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